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PHP Hydra Chip 94-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke

PHP Hydra Chip 94-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke

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Hydra Chip™: The only 7.3L PCM chip that gives you full, absolute control

It’s not just a chip you’re purchasing… it’s a key to unlocking world-class performance tuning. Every chip comes with FREE access to our entire library of calibrations for stock trucks. You choose what power levels you load onto your chip. Our easy-to-use HydraFlash software gives you full control.  Please note that HydraFlash is Windows compatible only.

Need different files? No problem! Everything is done through email, so you never have to send your chip off to be programmed.

The Hydra Chip™ always has [00] bypass mode and [NS] no start built in, with 15 more positions you can program from our database. The choice is always yours.

Please Note: [00] and [NS] are not switch-on-the-fly and do require you to shut the vehicle off and cycle the key to get in and out of.


  • Easy to read two-digit removable display switch for SWITCH-ON-THE-FLY control
  • Seventeen positions including built-in Module Bypass [00] and No Start [nS]
  • Program and reprogram using our free HydraFlash software
  • Supports Hydra Chip™ calibrations for all 7.3L Powerstrokes
  • FREE access to Power Hungry's extensive library of calibrations
  • FREE Modified Valve Body versions for many popular calibrations
  • Modified Injector tuning for popular calibrations and injectors (additional, one-time charge)
  • Fully compatible with PATS-equipped vehicles
  • Program your chip in seconds using any or all of the positions
  • Create printable calibration list for reference
  • Optional USB extension cable for programming in-truck – never pull your chip for programming again!
  • Read the factory PCM calibration directly through chip with optional USB extension cable
  • Made in America: Wherever possible, every part of the Hydra Chip™ is sourced in the United States. The boards and ribbon cables are made in Florida, the switch case comes from New York, the switch decal is made in Washington, the boxes come from California, and the whole thing is assembled in Georgia. There are individual components that are only available overseas, but we put tremendous effort and pride in finding all the US sources we possibly can. We believe in promoting American jobs for the strength of our country.

Software needed to flash device available click here!

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