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DDP Dodge 94-98 5.9L 12 Valve Cummins Hot Street P-Pump

DDP Dodge 94-98 5.9L 12 Valve Cummins Hot Street P-Pump

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Dodge 94-98 12v Cummins Performance P-Pump: Our Hot Street pump is the ideal choice for a near stock truck all the way up to a 1,350hp street monster!

Dynomite has been providing parts and playing with P-Pumps since these trucks were brand new. Throughout those years, we struggled to find a fully built pump that had the right combination of parts and checked all the boxes for us, so we decided to produce one of our own!

This pump has excellent street manners with good smoke control but is ready to party when you are! See below for all the details...


  - Supports 350hp up to 1,350hp (fuel only)
  - Produces full fuel out to 5,000rpm
  - Pin Timed at 18*
  - Timing remains static up to 15mm rack travel (roughly half throttle).  From 15mm to 19.5mm rack travel timing increases roughly 2 degrees for every 1mm of rack travel for a total of 8 degrees total advance 
  - Brand new custom 12.5mm Plunger & Barrels
  - Brand new 215 "Quick Rate" pump camshaft (most builders install used camshafts)
  - Dynomite custom ground adjustable Fuel Plate
  - Dynomite upgraded AFC spring
  - Dynomite upgraded Delivery Valves
  - Dynomite upgraded RAC plug
  - Tork Tek upgraded Overflow Valve (OFV060HP)
  - All new OEM seals and gaskets

  - MANDATORY NOTE: This P-Pump requires use of aftermarket lift pump like a FASS or AirDog


Most companies require you to have a core 215hp or core 180hp pump to send in. If you only have a 160hp or 175hp pump, they will either not give you a core credit or they'll significantly reduce the credit given. Not at Dynomite Diesel! We will take ANY P-7100 pump as long as it originally came off of a 94-98 Dodge Ram Pickup. Below is a detailed list of applicable Bosch P-Pump 10-digit part numbers we will accept. The Bosch tag with the 10-digit part number can be found on the driver's side of the pump. If your pump is missing the tag on the driver's side of the pump please take a picture of the Bosch tag on the very back of the pump (on the governor housing) and send it to us prior to purchasing your new pump so we can verify your core is acceptable.

Your core pump must be in "as removed" from the truck condition, the pump must be complete and not missing any parts. Core pumps must be in rebuildable condition upon receipt by Dynomite Diesel and not full of water/rust.

If you have doubts that your pump meets the criteria listed, then please reach out to us prior to purchase. If you'd like, you are also welcome to send us your core pump prior to completing your purchase so we can confirm it meets the criteria to receive a full core credit.

Dynomite Diesel reserves the right to issue a partial core credit or refuse core credit depending on the condition of the pump returned.


    0 402 736 913
    0 402 736 887
    0 402 736 911
    0 402 736 885
    0 402 736 841
    0 402 736 885
    0 402 736 854
    0 402 736 838
    0 402 736 912
    0 402 736 899

Additional Details:

Valve: 12
Liter: 5.9
Engine: Cummins
Years: 1994-1998
Condition: Remanufactured

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